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  • Paul Vranas

Featured Guest: Wealth Renegade Podcast

Listen to Paul Vranas' featured interview on the Wealth Renegade Podcast below:

Episode Description

Paul Vranas founded Colfax & Halsted to create special purpose entities (SPE’s) for investors to come alongside him as he invests in his local market of Denver, Colorado. After three generations of real estate investing (spanning retail, multifamily, condos, value-add density plays, and SFR’s), he made the strategic choice to push the envelope for greater scale and opportunity. Follow him at


  • Paul’s grandparents' journey in starting their grocery store and eventually buying a building that housed numerous family members

  • His recent investments and how he strategized working with his family, friends, and professional network to raise capital for a large project

  • How he got started, his experience in real estate finance, how he conducted the raise of capital, and how he continued to educate himself with a Mastermind and diligently working with specialists

  • From Paul's firsthand knowledge and experience of his market, he aims to build out a diversified portfolio, working with different developers and neighborhoods in Denver in the following years

  • His family's generational wealth journey, appreciating and learning from his ancestors' experiences, and taking forward the journey in his own way in real estate investment.



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