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Paul Vranas
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Paul Vranas is a third-generation real estate investor based in Denver. 

In the mid-20th century, two of Paul's grandparents immigrated from Greece to the United States to escape poverty, war, and political instability.  Like many other immigrants, they were able to dramatically improve their economic situation through hard work, an entrepreneurial mindset, and investing in real estate. 

Building upon the success of their immigrant parents, Paul’s father and uncles dedicated their careers to operating a successful commercial real estate firm in Chicago from 1976 to 2006.


Growing up in a family that benefited from real estate, Paul was eager to jump into investing and pave his own path.  Soon after graduating from Illinois Wesleyan University with his B.A. in Business Administration, Paul made his first real estate investment, a 2-bedroom condo in a building that his family’s firm was developing.  He successfully flipped the condo for a profit in a matter of weeks and has continued to carefully invest in high-quality properties ever since.

Over the decades to follow, Paul has earned his Real Estate Finance MBA with Honors from DePaul University, started a real estate brokerage, and built a cash-flowing real estate portfolio. 


In 2010, Paul and his wife moved from Chicago to Colorado, where they found a state filled with tremendous growth and opportunity.  They have continued to invest in high-quality real estate all while pursuing their individual careers and raising two young children. 

Prior Investment Experience

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